Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The last 4 months

Hey Ladies!  It has been FOREVER since I posted anything on here, and even LONGER (ok not really, but it feels like it) since I've talked to you guys!  Here are a few of my projects over the last couple months:
When I started homeschooling Jemma, I knew I wanted to make some kind of calendar - something to help cement in the months, days of the week, how long a month/week is, etc. So, I came up with this little deal.  The kids love it and if I don't remember to have them put up the date, they remind me.  We've added cute pictures we can slip in the appropriate slots for holidays and birthdays and I just laminated all the date cards...(Yipee!  My sister got our family one for Christmas.  Love her!)  since we use them all the time and the ink could smear if wet fingers got ahold of them.  :)  Enough about the calendar though... 

 These next two projects I made for my sister's family for Christmas:
 Menu board - I got the vinyl chalkboard off Pick your Plum...if there's one thing I'm not happy with, it's that the chalkboard is a little small...oh well.  Hopefully they like it.  Thanks again Kristina for the idea to outline the word "Menu" with black.  You're a genius!
 I also made this quilt for them.  It's a throw size and it's backed with a pale yellow flannel stripe.  Very cozy and bright for blah brown January nights, or days.  :)
 For Jemma's birthday I decided to make her a wallet and purse.  She LOVES it!  Her cousin asked her which of her presents was her favorite, and without hesitation (or prompting from me) she said "the purse and wallet!"

 They were so fun to put together!  I used Amy Butler's Teardrop Bag pattern for the purse and this tutorial for the wallet. 

I made new stockings...I LOVE the center three and despise the ones on the end...I'm gonna make two new ones to replace those...eventually.  I didn't have the heart to not hang the other set I have - they look like the ones my mom made us growing up, so we had TWO sets of stockings up this year.  Kinda fun!  :)
 I also made this Christmas table runner (sorry about the weird angle on this picture) - my mom and I made them together!  That was fun, and she's officially addicted to quilting and making runners - I think she's made at least 10 since I've been here.
Those are the biggies.  I'm workin' on a pink and brown quilt right now...just using up scraps from my fabric stash, and my sister, Emma, who is home for the semester, and I are working on a shelf remake...I'll post pics when they're done!  LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS!!!

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