Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas pjs!

So here are the pjs I made for the my little ones:
Shannon had no hand in these puppies! Hattie is really into Ballerinas and all things ballet. Her fabric is ballerina silhouettes, then I found an image of toe shoes i really liked and went with it. I am now addicted to applique! It is so fun! this time around, I decided that I would try a zig zag stitch around all those intricate curves and edges, and I am SO very glad I did! I was done in NO time! Sorry you can't see that detail very well in any of the pics! I will remember that for next time!

Miles and Hawlkey:

Hattie and Miles with their antlers on:

Hattie posing: She is such a HAM! Can you see the zig zag on this one?

When I bought Hattie's shirt for her jammies, it was cheaper per shirt to buy a three pack from old navy. I couldn't just leave the other two plain! I did the grey with a ballerina, and the pink one with a simple white bow:
I also zig zagged the bow. I just tied the bow and pinned it flat and went for it! I was inspired by a little girls onsie at play group. It was store bought, but I thought I could re-create the same look. What do you guys think? I would in the future move the images up closer to the neckline.... next time!