Friday, February 18, 2011


I haven't posted anything on here for a super duper long here's like four or five months worth of stuff...
Braided rosette headband:
Braided fabric headband:

I just sewed the ends to keep them in place and then attached them both to one piece of elastic in the back...if you do this, make sure you cut your strips of fabric extra long cuz it took more than I thought. Just an FYI.

Gathered pillow cover...of course it's turquoise!

Kissing balls...Kristina's idea! I LOVED these for V-day!

So, I made a red one to put in the bird cage and have the stuff to make a tan one too to pop in there. I'll get around to it.
Crocheted beanie (spelling???) for Jemma...initially it was for me, but my stiches were too tight and the darn thing wouldn't fit on my head. So, I put a pink and purple flower on it instead of a red one like I had planned. Maybe the next one will fit me. :)
Gavin's quilt...that's been done since October or November I think.
Fabric Valentine bags for Jemma's preschool. (Honestly, I just didn't want to spend I just used a bunch of scraps.)

Jemma's quilt.
That's it! At least that's all that was on my camera. Enjoy!