Thursday, December 1, 2011


So at LONG last HERE are some very current projects I have been working on! HOORAY!
What you see below are pictures of an advent calendar I found at The PURL BEE. This website is LEGIT! YOU WILL all DIE! So here are some things i learned and will not soon forget:
A. Wool felt rocks
2. Plastic felt does not
B. I will be making this again next year with REAL WOOL FELT.
the other stuff doesn't sew well... it falls apart under my needle...
C. Kristina was right..
3. I will pay more and shop on Etsy for proper materials next time.
D. I LOVE to embroider, I should do it more!


Here is Hattie Ann's most recent dress: 
And I learned a lot with this dress...
1. I LOVED this high quality fabric I purchased during the Gucker Girls reunion.
B. There is A LOT that this pattern LEAVES out...
3.I am grateful for the HELP of Kathy Chase.
C. Bias tape is OVER RATED.
(I had very little fabric left from the bodice so i decided to just turn the edges in and get it the crap done!)
4. Hattie WILL NOT WEAR THIS DRESS!!!! WHY???!!!!
Oh well I can save it just in case I have another little girl who WILL wear it!

SEE Who needs Bias tape?!

Thank YOU Hailey for all the AMAZING FLOWERS AND BOWS! 
Hailey is Kathy's daughter and was also at Gucker girls weekend.
She is a creative genius! I LOVE her hair bows!
Check them out at:

Here is a stack of 13 Jammies some cut out some not... Waiting for me...
I must be insane!
After you and I talked on Black Friday Jen, I went back to Jo's and purchased MORE flannel...
1.49/yard?!! I HAD to!
I will post finished pics...
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