Friday, September 10, 2010

Um...I don't Know if we can be friends anymore....

Ladies....we need to have a conversation...
I don't know if we can still be friends. Kristina, you craft like some people check their email... I am just trying to say that you make it look really easy, and its not! I would never have tried that barn! You are just straight up AMAZING!
And Jen, You make up quilting patterns? what?! um... I feel silly... the sewing machine in my house has been put away for two months now... save hemming trousers, and repairing a lovely bumper... You get the point. I think the answer is for one or all of you to please move next door to me where we can bounce between each other's houses again, stealing (me) the ideas out of your living rooms... I can barely get my house cleaned laundry done, dinner made, children cared for, exersizing done, calling fulfilled, not to mention crafting... which brings me to my point. I wasn't made of the same stuff you ladies were! I admire you both and am so glad you are still making things for your children to enjoy! IF I accomplish half nay a quarter of what you do I would jump up and down with joy! Thanks for the inspiration and consider the fire lit under my sewing behind!

I’ve been crafting

Okay, I'm here to share a few projects I've been working on…. Some finished, some not…

The baby quilt I made Reagan got dyed pink in the wash. I always wanted to remake it anyways because it wasn't as perfect as I liked. Dying it (unintentionally, I promise) gave me the perfect excuse to make another. I used the same pattern, but different fabric. I love it (can I say that about my own work?)… it's not the work I love though, it's the fabric. I am seriously considering making one for my own bed, we'll see.

This is a fold up chalk board I made for the kids to bring to church… and one for Carson's birthday. I found the tutorial HERE. It's super easy, with genius pockets for the chalk and sponge to wipe it off. I didn't even know they had chalkboard fabric???

And it folds up cute, like a baby changing mat… just funner!

This is the barn I made Reagan. I got the tutorial HERE. I honestly thought it would be bigger. Doesn't it look big in picture on the tutorial? I foolishly thought so. Not that I regret making it. If you ever choose to make one I have to warn you that the instructions were a PAIN to follow. I didn't understand a thing, but it turned out, so all is well. Someday I plan on appliquéing a barn door.

Okay, then there's Grant's I SPY quilt. I waited in anticipation for weeks to get the fabric squares from the swap…. Total disappointment. I got some of the ugliest fabrics I have ever seen in my whole life… and I'm not exaggerating! I threw out the ugly ones, added some more from my own stash… and I was left with these.

I haven't quilted it yet. This picture is before I pinned it to the backing (which is adorable, I'll have to show a picture of it when I'm finished). I am happy with how it turned out. I was complaining the whole time… first the fabric, then I didn't like the way I was sewing them together, then this and that, and you guys know me, I like to complain….. but, I'm finally happy with it.

I have to show you my work-in-progress too. I'm using up all my bright scraps to make a string quilt. I love using scraps! And I like the way this quilt is turning out, even if I've only done 6 blocks. It's a little too much on my eyes, but I think the kids will love it!

Anyways, that's what I've been working on. Did I ever say I was taking a break from sewing? When was that? I don't think it lasted for more than a week.

It's good therapy though!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bittersweet Song of September

You ladies MUST read this article.
It made me cry!
I find it especially applicable to you ladies who have a 1st grader!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Carter's new "Nigh-night"

Carter has been pretty excited about this blanket. He LOVES the cars on it, and today, he took his first nap with it. (His tattered blanket was there with him's gonna be a while before he's willing to give it up...)

Brandon's grandpa picked this up at a garage sale while he was here last month...I asked Brandon if I could turn it into something, this is on the stack of "potential projects".