Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Zig Zag & Ottoman

Am I allowed to be in-love with something I'm working on? Cuz I can't figure out a way to describe how I feel about the beginnings of this quilt in any other way. Seriously. I LOVE IT! I got the idea from my friend Alison's sewing blog and my intent with this quilt was to use up all my random scraps of fabric; cute and ugly alike. And, you know what I'm finding, when it's all scrambled up like that with other fabrics of the same color, it's hard to really see the ugly ones! Perfect!

I also swore I wouldn't buy any new fabric for the quilt top...I had to fold on that one when I didn't have quite enough gray...but since I LOVE gray these days and I have 2 boys who could use funky beach hats for the Oregon coast, I figured I could justify it. :)

Anyway, this is just half of it...I still have 7 more zigzags to sew up and attach. If you guys are looking for a way to get rid of your random scraps (and I'm talking even the itsy bitsy pieces that you just couldn't part with because you love the fabric too much to put it in the garbage but there's not enough to use anywhere else) this is the quilt for you!
And here's my finished ottoman.

It's totally not perfect, but not too bad for my first attempt at reupholstering. No, I am not going to do the chair...my fingers were SO sore after just the ottoman, so I listed it Craigslist. This morning. Brandon has insisted that we keep the ottoman though...even though it doesn't really match anything...he has said multiple times that it is now officially his favorite piece of furniture in our house. Funny boy.

Anyway, it's kinda hard to see the fabric in the top photo, so here's a shot of it close-up.

Just something neutral...hey, it was only $3 a yard and I didn't wanna spend crazy cash on an experiment. I did get WAY too much though, so I'm lookin' around trying to figure out what else it could be used on...maybe our glider is due for a new look. ;)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Recent Stuff

I made these "count down" blocks...don't know if you've heard of "Pick-Your-Plum"...it's kinda like groupon, only it's just craft stuff. Anyway, about a month ago, they had the supplies to do these. I thought they were super cute...unfortunately, I don't really like the way mine turned out. I think I should have just done something more nuetral...like painting over the vinyl letters in black or gray and then peeling the letters off so the letters were white. Oh well. Too late now, unless there's a way to remove layers and layers of modpodge.

Craft Warehouse is closing their store on 185th. All their fabric is now 50% off. My craft closet is getting out of control. Here are a few pics of my ever-growing stash.

Other than the zig-zag and food prints, I don't have specific plans for any of it.
Zig-zag: Ties (Won't that be ADORABLE)

Food prints: Oven mits and chef's hat for the play kitchen - thanks Kristina for being my inspiration there. :)

Maybe some stockings (I could use two sets) with the Christmas fabric...

So, if you have any ideas, feel free to shoot them my way. :)

I did make this skirt last week. I found the fabric on my first visit to the bins. So, it was like a $3 skirt after picking up some 2 in. elastic for the waist and some cheap cotton for lining. Not bad. I REALLY like the fabric. You can't tell in the picture, but it has kind of a shine to it and it's a little stiffer than your regular cotton plus it has kind of a vintage appearance. Brandon was not super impressed...with the print that is...I think it reminded him of dirty grandma drapes or something.

I have also been attempting to cut up every scrap of fabric that is too small to do much else with(or that I just don't like anymore) into 3 in. squares...I'm planning to do a zig-zag quilt to take outdoors. Sorry for the crummy photo...here's my progress so far.

I have also been disecting our ottoman. The fabric was totally falling apart, so I decided to see if I could re-apoltster it...we'll see if this project is a success. Seriously, lots more work than I imagined. So far, I've got it all taken apart and now I'm just taking the fabric peices apart so I can use them as a pattern for the new fabric. I guess if all else fails, I 'll just chuck it in the dumpster...in the name of "decluttering" of course.

Miss you ladies!