Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear Jen and Kristina,

I CANNOT stop thinking about you two. I feel like I owe both of you an apology... I am SO sorry for NOT phoning more. Please forgive me. I PROMISE to do better. I simply cannot lose contact with either of you.... Okay, now onto the craft portion of the evening...
I have been up to a few things. Halloween costumes of course, which you saw on our family blog, but also a dress for Hattie: 

{sorry for the grainy photo this is the third time i have uploaded this picture...}
{i am farther along now...I PROMISE to post pictures of the finished product ON Hattie!}

Christmas Jammies for our cousins, and that is pretty much it. I have been using my camera as a creative outlet as well... I pretty much LOVE photography and its many many applications, and ways to tell a story in a picture. I take a big deep breath when I go to take a picture of something these days. I LOVE my NIKON! 
We are going tomorrow to look at a house to buy/renovate. We found out about a mortgage that allows you to fix up the house prior to move in. This particular house we have looked at before.
Go here to read about the land and what this house was used for up until the College that owns it decided to sell... Pretty cool stuff. Although I think it makes Vermont sound like the Arctic.... wait it pretty much is... any way... go here to the actual online listing.
{sorry grainy photo}
Former class rooms and lab for Center for Northern Studies. Built as a large cape and back addition. 9.2 acres of mostly mixed woods. A naturalists heaven. Dwelling has many rooms that would work as bed rooms. First floor has front entry, two bedroom size rooms to the right, a large kitchen with wood stove , 3/4 bath, then a very large class room/living room at back of building. Large laboratory in walk out basement with 1/2 bath. Second floor houses a large library with 4 reading rooms suitable for bedrooms. Above the kitchen is a large second living room and 2 bedrooms adjacent. There is a recent standing seam metal roof. Would make an attractive home, school, office, you decide.

Above is the description on the listing. Shannon and I are very interested in having LAND... It is really appealing to be able to snowshoe on your own property or raise your own chickens, or horses, or make your own out door hockey rink... We have a large, loud family and need to have space to roam and explore... lots of room for two more houses... just saying...
So I started doing some research on new kitchens and living rooms, trying to nail down my "style" the kind of decorating I want to do to this home.
The following are some pictures I LOVE!


Same kitchen different view:

Living Rooms:

Also, I just made an idea book on this weird website. I have 38 MORE photos to bore you two with...I hope this link works...

I want both of you to know how very much I ADORE you. I am thankful for each of you, EVERYDAY! THANK YOU for being my friend even if I am 3,000 + Miles away! I have NO doubt that the distance can seem trivial...
PS I have lost 4 pounds since getting the IUD out, and slowly, ever so slowly my emotional health is improving. I am feeling more like my old self everyday. 
Well, heres to our craft blog and ULTRA personalized posts!
Yours Truly,
Molly Ann