Sunday, October 2, 2011

Post at last…

So, to prove that the craft blog has not completely died… I am here, posting some things. Halleluiah! I don’t have much of anything to share. I scoured my house looking for things I have made (there’s not much).

I threw away our old water bottle carriers after Jen one-up’t me and made some totally awesome ones and made mine look like trash bags! I felt rushed to make them because Jefferson needed to bring a water bottle every day to school. So, I whipped these guys up the day before his first day… in the middle of moving. The kids chose their main fabrics and I choose the coordinating. Grant has the trucks, Jefferson the outdoor animals, and Reagan the pink. I assure you, they’re all the same size in real life. This picture makes Grant’s look ginormous. (Wow, what a really long description for such a simple thing. I’m feeling really wordy today…. sorry!)Craft blog

I cut this board with my circular saw (which was invigorating and frightening at the same time). Then I painted and screwed on some hooks. The mason jar is held up with a pipe clamp. I don’t really want to show you where I got the idea from because hers looks so much nicer, ha. But I guess I have to give credit where credit is due. Here it is... Mine isn’t a key hook though. I’ll hang some hand towels (it’s in the bathroom, in case you don’t see that ugly toilet). The most exciting thing is that it cost me $3 to make, yeah!craft blog7craft blog8

I finished my mini baby blankets. It seemed an appropriate time to finish them. I was actually due the 3rd of Oct (tomorrow), so I feel some closure instead of pain. I’ll put them in my keepsake box. No one will ever see them. I just wanted to share them with you girls. 


The binding wasn’t completely done when I took this picture. But, I finished it up today during conference.

craft blog4

I know this is personal in nature, but there is a crafty purpose to showing you these pictures Smile I used iron-on transfer paper to write a message for each baby. It was really easy to do. I wrote the message, then flipped it backwards in photoshop (I suppose it could be flipped in any program). On the girl blanket I just ironed the piece directly onto the fabric, then hand stitched around the edges. With the boy blanket I ironed the piece onto a coordinating fabric, then slipstitched it onto the quilt. I wanted to do it both ways to see how they look. I prefer the one on the boy blanket. I think it looks more like a cute, personalized label. I plan on doing this on ALL my quilts now (even the ones I’ve already made). Some I will put a message, others probably just my name and a date. I think it’s important to personalize the quilts, especially if they are gifts!

  craft blog3craft blog2

Okay… now I have a questions for you. I am reupholstering this chair. There is no turning back… I’ve already taken the fabric off of it. But I’m at a stand still because I don’t know what fabric to replace it with. Both fabrics are shower curtains and a weightier fabric. Both cost me close to nothing. Which ever one I don’t use will become the shower curtain in my guest bathroom. Really… I can’t decide!


This cream and green one?….. this one is subtle and I am partial to it. My mom thinks it’s ugly. But I like the fact that it’s more neutral.


Or this bright one?…. this one is fun, but I’m scared I’ll get sick of it quickly. It does match my mirror better, but I don’t plan on having the mirror in my living room forever. Shoot, I don’t know… it is more cheery.

craft blog 5

Hi! Here I am for your viewing pleasure. Oh goodness, see the foam on my chair… I told you, no turning back. anyways, I am showing you this AWESOME mirror I found at thrift city for $7. I’m going to put it above reagan’s dresser. I can’t decide what color to paint it still. You both said pink. I still don’t know. I’m too indecisive. What’s going to happen is I will choose a color, paint, then regret my choice. Oh well. I’ll show you when I finish it.

craft blog 6

I also plan on making this for Reagan’s room. I think I’ll make the butterflies colorful instead of just white. I think it’s pretty.


So, I finally decided what to do with the boys room. I was debating between nautical or maps. A recent trip to goodwill helped me decide. I found this adorable duvet cover. It’s pottery barn. I LOVE IT! It’s wrinkly and gross in this picture, but trust me, it’s wonderful. Too bad I have 2 boys and only 1 duvet cover. I found the same one on ebay. $150…. what the!!!! Oh well. I cannot wait to get started on their room.


I’m going to make one of these wall murals. This is a painted sheet, stretched over a frame of wood. Genius! Shawn doesn’t like this, but too bad for him because I do! wouldn’t it be cool with glow in the dark paint outlining the continents?


So, I’ve got my work cut out for me. Sorry, this post was more about what I’m “going” to do, rather than what I’ve “done.”

I love both of you and miss you dearly. Really, I’m not just saying that. I do.

I hope this craft blog picks up. Molly… it’s your turn. There’s got to be something you’ve worked on. Or, just make a post about what you “want” to do someday.

Bye Smile