Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I've been holding out...

So, honestly, I've been taking pictures of everything I make in order to post on this blog, but never put them on here. So, tonight I will overload you with all of my projects dating back to....
Okay, first up is the table runner I made. It came to a grand total of about $4 with the fabric I got. Can't beat that! It still has all those pins in it ready for me to quilt. But alas, I am lazy and have put it away with my holiday stuff still pinned.Saw this embroidery pattern HERE. I found the frame at Goodwill for $.99 and painted it black. Isn't is PERFECTLY spider-like? I love it. This was my first time embroidering and I have to say, 'why have I never done this before'? It is the easiest thing to do on the face of the Earth (well, the craft earth)Okay, then I gathered up a ton of glass jars and printed ghoulish labels for them from HERE
I hot glued a bunch of candy corn to a wreath and viola! I stole the idea from a Women's Day magazine cover.Now Halloween is over and I'm decorating for Thanksgiving. I saw THIS idea a year ago and just finally got around to making it. Should I paint the frame? hmmm... Man, that heater dial and phone plug are NASTY! I made these felt (yes, felt) flower thingies. I've seen them on several blogs. Sorry, I can't link you to one, I don't remember where. But, I put mine on my lamp. Shawn hates it. I haven't decided if I like it or not. I was originally going to make a headband with it. Maybe I still will.
I just finished this quilted advent calendar for my brother and sister-in-law. I'm shipping it off tomorrow (they're in England, so I have to send it early). I would shed a tear for it's departure, except I'm already making one for myself. I copied THIS pattern from Oh Fransson who lives in Portland, so naturally I love her!
It has 24 of these little pockets that will be filled with candy at 'my' house.
Here it is hung on the wall... right where mine will go if I ever finish it. Appliqueing those little numbers takes FOREVER!Last, but not least is the upgrade on Reagan's rocking chair. I didn't like the plain pink seat cover it had, so I made it a new one. Of course I asked my Mom's permission first, since she made the original. I made a little pillow for it too.
We're all into rocking chairs around here. Now we just need to see a rocking chair from Molly... no pressure!
Anyways ladies, that's all I have to share for now. Although you may be relieved. I can be long-winded.
I miss our craft nights desperately!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, here's the rockin' Rocking Chair Carter discovered for me at Goodwill...
Sadly, I do not have a child named "Sofia" so the chair needed a bit of a makeover.


I told you I've been diggin' on grey (or is it gray) and turquoise! They make such a SWEET combo.