Thursday, January 26, 2012

Opinion Needed!!

Okay, it’s my turn…..

First of all, I love all of your projects, Jen. The stockings turned out better than any others I’ve ever seen! I want one of those menu boards too. My birthday is coming up. Kidding. Sortof.

Um, secondly, have you girls started thinking about Easter dresses? I already have my pattern picked out. Last night I finally found the fabric I want to use too. It’s from Heather Bailey’s new line called “magnolia fresh cut” Tell me that is not the prettiest fabric you have EVER seen! It doesn’t come out until Feb. though. anyhoo!

and since I’m making random chatter… I am OBSESSED with the songs “Life’s a Happy Song” and “Man or Muppet” from the Muppets soundtrack. OBSESSED! Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Okay, so I need your opinions on 2 quilt tops I’m making. Seriously, I wish I could run next door and bug both of you. But alas, I’m suck taking pictures instead. Sorry about the poor light quality. I live in Oregon remember!

So, I’m using up a ton of scraps. Here’s some I made into pinwheels. Should I….. sew them all together like this?…. 026

Or singled out with sashing in between each square?…..029

Or grouped into fours with sashing between……. ???030

Okay, next…… I used all these coordinating scraps to make these blocks. The finished blocks are stacked in the center. When I laid them all out, I felt like something was missing. I bought some browns (on the left) from Joanns. Then I pulled out some blues from my stash that match the turquoise blue from the Amy Butler print in the second row. Now the questions…. Should I just use the blocks I have already made? Add the browns in there? Or add the blues? Or add both browns and blues? The blues only match that one fabric I already have…. adding them would be a stretch for me, but I like them. 034

Now lets see… what do I have ‘completed’ to show you?

I found this Pottery Barn duvet cover at goodwill MONTHS ago. I almost died when I saw it… perfect for the map theme. Anyhoo. I had it on Jefferson’s bed. Until 2 days ago I realized I could put it on both boys bed. Duh! Why didn’t it occur to me earlier to just cut the duvet in half, buy a matching sheet and make 2 new duvets? I am ashamed I just thought of it 2 days ago. Look, how cute is that? Now I want to make some matching shams.


Um, I did not make these, but I did FIND them at goodwill for $1 each. WHAT THE? Who would ever get rid of these pillows? Some crazy! They’re nicely made too, with a zipper. Recognize the fabric? It’s the Heather Bailey fabric I used for Reagan’s easter dress 2 years ago. I am in LOVE with these. LOVE I SAY!


This is my quilt I appropriately named “Joann” because every stich of fabric came from that store. I made it for my mother/father in law. It was  surprisingly inexpensive to make. I sort of hate it, but my MIL loved it! I’m just not a fan of the colors…. but they suit her.


Here’s the blasted stockings I made. I want to trade them with Jen’s, but I’m sure she’ll say no. I only made 4 because I got sick of making them. I have a 5th (double hourglass) ready to quilt and a 6th (hexagon) ready to piece. I have some psychological problem where I can’t make more than one of the same thing. After making the 1st, I had no desire to make anymore. Weird. 083

I remade Reagan’s bird mobile. Nothing we haven’t already seen… These are the same fabrics as the pinwheel quilt I showed you at the beginning of this post. I love ‘em!016

Here’s the butterfly mobile I made for her room too. It’s…. alright. I had envisioned something straight out of a boutique. Instead it looks like a homemade project (exactly what it is of course, but) I think Blah when I look at it. Her room receives NO natural light… NONE!!!


This is the back side of the Happy Birthday banner I made. I have it hanging over Reagan’s bed. There’s that adorable fabric again. Don’t you just want to sleep in her bed? I do… literally! She needs a lamp shade. I’m thinking of decorating one. And I’m working on some embroidered pictures for her blank wall. 038

Well, that’s all I have to share right now… I miss you girls. Can we have a craft weekend? and soon? I’m free this weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The last 4 months

Hey Ladies!  It has been FOREVER since I posted anything on here, and even LONGER (ok not really, but it feels like it) since I've talked to you guys!  Here are a few of my projects over the last couple months:
When I started homeschooling Jemma, I knew I wanted to make some kind of calendar - something to help cement in the months, days of the week, how long a month/week is, etc. So, I came up with this little deal.  The kids love it and if I don't remember to have them put up the date, they remind me.  We've added cute pictures we can slip in the appropriate slots for holidays and birthdays and I just laminated all the date cards...(Yipee!  My sister got our family one for Christmas.  Love her!)  since we use them all the time and the ink could smear if wet fingers got ahold of them.  :)  Enough about the calendar though... 

 These next two projects I made for my sister's family for Christmas:
 Menu board - I got the vinyl chalkboard off Pick your Plum...if there's one thing I'm not happy with, it's that the chalkboard is a little small...oh well.  Hopefully they like it.  Thanks again Kristina for the idea to outline the word "Menu" with black.  You're a genius!
 I also made this quilt for them.  It's a throw size and it's backed with a pale yellow flannel stripe.  Very cozy and bright for blah brown January nights, or days.  :)
 For Jemma's birthday I decided to make her a wallet and purse.  She LOVES it!  Her cousin asked her which of her presents was her favorite, and without hesitation (or prompting from me) she said "the purse and wallet!"

 They were so fun to put together!  I used Amy Butler's Teardrop Bag pattern for the purse and this tutorial for the wallet. 

I made new stockings...I LOVE the center three and despise the ones on the end...I'm gonna make two new ones to replace those...eventually.  I didn't have the heart to not hang the other set I have - they look like the ones my mom made us growing up, so we had TWO sets of stockings up this year.  Kinda fun!  :)
 I also made this Christmas table runner (sorry about the weird angle on this picture) - my mom and I made them together!  That was fun, and she's officially addicted to quilting and making runners - I think she's made at least 10 since I've been here.
Those are the biggies.  I'm workin' on a pink and brown quilt right now...just using up scraps from my fabric stash, and my sister, Emma, who is home for the semester, and I are working on a shelf remake...I'll post pics when they're done!  LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS!!!